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General Description

WINBELT Belt Conveyor Design and Estimating. 
ESTIMATOR Estimate, qualify Belt Conveyors in seconds.
HAULPLAN Determine most profitable haulage arrangement. 
CTRUSS Rapid design and estimate of belt conveyor trusses and small bridges.
CBENT - Rapid design and estimate of belt conveyor truss supports.
CTOWER - Rapid design and estimate of machinery support structures.

WINBUILDIT Design and economic analysis of mine and mill buildings

FEEDER FRICTION Determine resistance at belt conveyor feeders. 

DISCHARGE TRAJECTORY Enables design of discharge chutes. 

  • 137 page instruction manual .
  • Cursor Sensitive help the instant you need it.
  • Licensees receive 15 bonus instructional DVDs.



Latest technology for in-pit crushing


Determine Most Profitable Haulage Arrangement

AC_HAULPLAN sorts out relative economic advantage of one haulage arrangement compared to another in terms of Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return of the differential investment.


Mine planners, mine engineers, quarry superintendents and others dealing with different options for mining, quarrying or bulk material handling can model alternative arrangements of crushing plants, excavators, haul trucks and belt conveyors to determine which is most advantageous. Expedites decisions. AB_ESTIMATOR and equipment manufacturers data are used for input data.


Accessed from the desktop, User enters applicable data in FrmHaulplan2 shown in the figure immediately below.

Note: For shovels, excavation and other equipment that are best represented on a cost/ton (tonne) basis provision is made for entry of that data at EX1 and EX2 in label entitled 40 - COMMON INPUT DATA


If the haulage arrangement includes a belt conveyor then user enters data in Frm50 immediately below.

Note: If implementation of a belt conveyor system requires, for example: a primary crusher station, then the capital cost of that equipment is represented in the value M. The value of M can be negative. For example: If a mobile crusher system is less expensive than an alternative stationary plants system.


If the haulage arrangement includes haul trucks then the user enters data in Frm60 immediately below:


If the haulage arrangement includes wheel loaders then the user enters data in Frm70 immediately below:


After clicking onto APPLY, at each of the above forms, user clicks onto APPLY and COMPUTE at FrmHaulplan2. Output FINANCIAL RESULTS (FrmOutput) below will be displayed.



The most informational results are those at line 21. If the INTERNAL RATE OF RETURN (IRR) exceeds the firms expectations then the arrangement of HAUL PLAN 1 is a better investment than that of HAUL PLAN II as detailed on FrmHaulPlan2.

If the firm's money managers prefer to deal in NET PRESENT VALUE represented at line 20 then the DESIRED RATE OF RETURN (PERCENT) at 40 - COMMON INPUT DATA on FrmHaulPlan2 should first be edited to that expectation. Commonly this is on the order of 15%.


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