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Belt Conveyor Computer Program

Exclusive - Quick Quote, Qualify, Win business. Automatic Structural Design enables rapid estimating of Belt Conveyors, Structures and Complete Systems. Your Bottom Line Benefits.

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General Description

WINBELT Belt Conveyor Design and Estimating. 
ESTIMATOR Estimate, qualify Belt Conveyors in seconds.
HAULPLAN Determine most profitable haulage arrangement. 
CTRUSS Rapid design and estimate of belt conveyor trusses and small bridges.
CBENT - Rapid design and estimate of belt conveyor truss supports.
CTOWER - Rapid design and estimate of machinery support structures.

WINBUILDIT Design and economic analysis of mine and mill buildings

FEEDER FRICTION Determine resistance at belt conveyor feeders. 

DISCHARGE TRAJECTORY Enables design of discharge chutes. 

  • 137 page instruction manual .
  • Cursor Sensitive help the instant you need it.
  • Licensees receive 15 bonus instructional DVDs.



Latest technology for in-pit crushing



BLACK & VEATCH CORPORATION - Chooses Program's arsenal of options.

FARNHAM & PFILE CONSTRUCTION - Estimates, designs builds coal preparation plants and material handling systems using Program.

ODEBRECHT CONTRACTORS - Benefits from CREATIVE ENGINEERING Consulting Services. Completes $200,000,000 dam job on time.

HOLNAM INC - Feasibility of quarry belt conveyor system. Saves $15,000,000

INTER-ROLLER ENGINEERING LIMITED - Of Singapore appreciates Program features.

MISSISSIPPI CHEMICAL CORP  - Appreciates prompt consulting assistance.

NETWORK METAL INDUSTRIES  - Of Philippine Islands compares Program to PRO-BELT.

U.S. EQUIPMENT DISTRIBUTORS  - Uses Program to improve response time to requests for proposals

GRANT PEARSON Mine engineering student praises Program's ease of use.

One user saved $15,000,000!

US$1,000,000 ANNUAL SAVINGS MADE BY NEVADA GOLD MINING COMPANY! Numerous pulley end plate failures led to costly downtime. Now all conveyors are reverse-engineered. Defective components are replaced during routine maintenance. Program keys belt tension to each pulley to determine need for engineered class pulley, pulley diameter, bearing and shaft sizes.

US$500,000 COMPONENT ORDER TAKEN BY SMALL MONTANA INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY FIRM! Order taken across the counter after sales clerk used program to quickly determine specifications and price. Rapid response led to equally rapid order. Vendors of components and services worldwide use program as marketing tool. Instant estimates and intelligent presentations gets the orders while projects are hot.

US$15,000,000 SAVINGS TO CEMENT PRODUCER BY AVOIDING AN UNWISE INVESTMENT! Using HAULPLAN to compare economics of belt conveyors versus truck haulage it was seen that in this instance a belt conveyor was not justified. Meaningful output includes Internal- Rate-of-Return and Net-Present-Value.

US$175,000 SAVINGS MADE BY CALIFORNIA AGGREGATE PRODUCER! In 1988 program revealed 4 ft idler space unnecessary on main pit belt. Excess idlers removed and put to work at new plant. Maintenance reduced. Idler life increased by reducing wear and flat-spots due to erratic rotation.

US$300,000 SAVINGS MADE BY CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTOR! Using program's tension analysis, keyed to each pulley, it was determined that pulley diameters were too small for belt and splices used. System vendor was convinced and obligingly replaced belt at no cost to contractor. Further savings were made by avoiding the need to replace pulleys.

A$20,000,000 ANNUAL SALES VOLUME OF AUSTRALIAN CONVEYOR SYSTEM FIRM! A 20:1 increase since purchase of the program. Now used for aggressive marketing of conveyors, belting and components in the outback.

US$3,000,000 SETTLEMENT PAID TO WIDOW BY BELT CONVEYOR CONTRACTOR! Husband killed while cleaning up spillage under power plant coal conveyor. Belated analysis of running, stopped, acceleration and deceleration conditions revealed need for extra tension. It is not enough to assume that calculating tension for drive purposes will provide sufficient tension to prevent sag and spillage under all conditions. The best defense is an offense. A locked gate did not prevent this messy accident.


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