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General Description

WINBELT Belt Conveyor Design and Estimating. 
ESTIMATOR Estimate, qualify Belt Conveyors in seconds.
HAULPLAN Determine most profitable haulage arrangement. 
CTRUSS Rapid design and estimate of belt conveyor trusses and small bridges.
CBENT - Rapid design and estimate of belt conveyor truss supports.
CTOWER - Rapid design and estimate of machinery support structures.

WINBUILDIT Design and economic analysis of mine and mill buildings

FEEDER FRICTION Determine resistance at belt conveyor feeders. 

DISCHARGE TRAJECTORY Enables design of discharge chutes. 

  • 137 page instruction manual .
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  • Licensees receive 15 bonus instructional DVDs.



Latest technology for in-pit crushing


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HIGH SPEED HYDRAULIC SKIP HOIST, Figure 1, Overcomes the inability of wheel loaders to reach the feed hopper of tall mobile primary crushing plants without using ramps and/or haul roads. [U.S. Patent 5,074,435 & 5,560,551]

How It Works
  • Wheel loader dumps run-of-mine material into SUVERHOIST. While backing away wheel loader operator starts SUVERHOIST automatic cycle by touching go button on in-cab radio control.
  • Wheel loader returns short distance to face for next load while SUVERHOIST under programmable-logic-control (PLC) lifts, dumps load into primary crusher hopper (load sensor permitting), returns to safe position, lowers and then waits for next load.

The wheel loader occasionally tows the unit towards the face followed by the crushing plant towing several sections of articulated belt conveyor. A short haul distance is preserved. A single wheel loader maintains capacity to feed run of mine material without the need for traditional ramps, haul trucks, haul roads or extra wheel loaders. The equipment is removable for blasting. Economic advantages accrue from; a) maximum use of economical belt conveyor haulage,
b) more efficient use of wheel loaders,
c) better regulated feed control,
d) fewer environmental restrictions and
e) simplification of crushing plant relocation procedures.
SPECIFICATIONS The SUVERHOIST bucket is 6.1 m(20 ft) wide. 268 kw(360 hp) of power lifts 17.2 mt(19 st) loads on a 40 second cycle; (Nicely matches capacity of 1219 mm x 1524 mm(4860) jaw crusher being fed 1360 mtph (1,500 stph) with 50% -254 mm (-10 in) bypassing the crusher through the grizzly). SUVERHOIST has standard 5th wheel plate. Moves on highways. High lift height facilitates no-compromise under-crusher clearance and design features needed for productivity.

SUVERHOIST is available as a trailer mounted unit for serving suitable mobile in-pit crushing plants available from several manufacturers. SUVERHOIST may be mounted directly on crushing plant for greater mobility.


See Suverhoist work

Available primary crushing plant transforms through addition of modules from low cost stationary to high production in-pit mobile unit that may include SUVERHOIST. Investment and performance requirements may be met in budget sensitive stages as market, production and mine needs expand.

Optional LAMPSON CRAWLER TRANSPORTER shown may economically service more than one crushing plant where production or blending needs require. Custom models and application engineering available.

A A - Base stationary primary crushing module incorporates owners crusher, feeder, breaker and switchgear. Patented automatic feed control regulates feed rate to overland belt conveyor.
B B - Module adds switch-bear, container and controls at air conditioned station. Includes access and genset platform
C C - Module adds support jacks and quick disconnect for Lampson Crawler Transporter. Requires access ramp.

D - Adds SUVERHOIST. Eliminates need for ramps, haul trucks, and haul roads.D

E - SUVERHOIST operates with other make crushing plants.



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